With music as her guide, Amy Obenski is crossing the U.S and France on a “Carbon Conscious” tour.   The burn­ing of trop­i­cal forests con­tributes to between 12% and 20% of global green­house gas emis­sions, which is more CO2 than the entire trans­porta­tion sec­tor com­bined! During the tour, Amy will be offsetting the cost the tour has on the environment by donating money to Carbon Tree Conservation Fund: an organization that works to reduce carbon emissions caused by tropical deforestation.

Amy will be performing at Howlin’ Byroon’s Music Exchange on Sunday, February 26th at 2pm.

Her songs are more based on reflections of every day life than environmental musings.  But since music touring can be such a heavy burden on the environment she turned this tour into one that could possibly give back instead of a tour that just burns more fuel.

The haunting and ethereal style of Amy’s songs has drawn the attention of audiences and critics alike. Her track, Carousel, from Amy’s second album, Kite, was featured in the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy, and numerous other tracks have been used regularly for programs on MTV

Amy’s fourth album, Grow to Catch the Wind (November, 2011), takes her multilayered sound to new levels. A string quartet, layered harmonies, and howling cello solos all join with her signature soaring vocals, piano and guitar. Amy’s lyrical confessions pierce through the sonic complexity, perhaps more than ever. The album, her most brave and honest work yet, is the culmination of several years of soul-searching, a cycle of death and rebirth.

Amy’s silky vocals would feel right at home in a smoky urban bar, but those familiar with natural landscape of Santa Cruz, California, will hear the influence of her chosen home in her music. Even on days when sun bathes Santa Cruz’s rocky coast, a chill breeze can seep in from the bay and fog lurks in the mountains. 

This closeness to nature drove Amy to organize fundraisers for the Sempervirens Fund, a non-profit that purchases redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains for preservation. The benefit concert series, titled Take Back Your Forest, raised thousands of dollars for the fund. 

Now the focus has changed to Carbon Tree, and during the Carbon Conscious tour Amy will be encouraging others to offset their carbon emissions from travel, by donating to the organization, or donating to the tour to help make it as green as possible.

What:  Folk-Jazz Singer-Songwriter,  Carbon Conscious Tour

Who:  Amy Obenski

When:  Sunday, February 26th, 2pm

Where:  Howlin’ Byroon’s Music Exchange, 107 South H Street, Lompoc, CA   (805) 736-3111

Cost:  $5 suggested donation

Info:  Carbon Conscious tour info- http://www.amyobenski.com





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