imageRising artist BREANNA LYNN is a rare find in the pop music scene of today. As a seemingly typical teen from a small town in Illinois, BREANNA LYNN’s natural musical ability gives her an extraordinary quality that defines her as an artist and makes her much more than your average teenager. With an increasing amount of buzz developing for her music, BREANNA LYNN will release her highly anticipated, self-titled full-length album exclusively with iTunes on March 18th, 2012. Filled with passion for sharing her musical talents, BREANNA LYNN was born to be a star. Fans can witness this shining new talent this summer—Breanna has plans to announce tour dates in the coming weeks!

For the new album, BREANNA LYNN teamed with highly credited producers like Ken Caillat (Colbie Caillat, Fleetwood Mac), Keith Follese (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Randy Travis), and performing artist Jamie O’Neil. BREANNA LYNN was credited and featured in ‘Dorothy of OZ’, directed by Will Finn and Dan St. Pierre, scheduled to be released August 3rd, 2012 via Summertime Entertainment.

“I’m so excited to have had the amazing opportunity to work with some incredible producers on this album. They’ve helped bring my art to life,” states Breanna. “The album contains seven of my favorite songs that I’ve written along with three original songs that I wrote with Jamie O’Neal, Keith and Adrienne Follese, and Jim Cooper (Rachel Lampa, Building 429, Natalie Grant) and Tommy Collier (Katy Perry). I have my own style in writing music, but have been inspired by Demi Lovato, Stevie Nicks and Christina Perri. I’m hoping this album can give hope to those who have forgotten how to love themselves. I hope people can connect to this album as much as I can.”

imageA gifted singer and guitar virtuoso, BREANNA LYNN picked up her first guitar at the age of nine and began writing her musical autobiography in songs by the time she was just 12 years old. At the age of 15, her talent awarded her a sponsorship with Taylor Guitars. As a young child, BREANNA LYNN practiced singing notes with her aunt, a world-renowned opera singer. Her love of music and performance grew with each year, and in 3rd grade when she was chosen over every other student, including high school students, to be the lead vocalist of her school’s band, BREANNA LYNN knew that music was something special to her.

Growing up in the Midwest wasn’t always easy for this talented teen, but BREANNA LYNN held on tightly to her faith in God. Her interest in music and poetry made her an outcast at school, and she often was bullied for her unique devotion to creative expression. While her peers were quick to judge her for being different, BREANNA LYNN turned to music and began to pour her heart into her very own songs. As music took on an even greater meaning in BREANNA LYNN’s life, she made a promise to herself to never let anyone make her feel like she didn’t belong. That promise proved to be the pivotal moment that ignited BREANNA LYNN’s career, and the young talent has been devoted to speaking out against anti-bullying ever since. Even as a teen, the fiercely independent BREANNA LYNN is on a mission to inspire young girls around the world to never give up hope and be who you are.

“They’re not worth pretending for,” states BREANNA LYNN. “You are so beautiful the way you are, it’d be a shame if you let them change that.”

Please check out this website to learn about the horrible growing bullying trend:

BREANNA LYNN’s youth brings a charming energy to her original melodies, which carry BREANNA LYNN‘s refreshing lyrical honesty. It is this rarely found unique talent that has allowed BREANNA LYNN coveted opportunities to work with some of the most well-respected and well-known names in music. Armed with this mission to inspire and provoke through her music and an unquestionable talent, BREANNA LYNN‘s exciting journey as a musician has only just begun!

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