clip_image002The world welcomes a new beautiful gift of music… She began writing lyrics and singing to herself as a little girl. Now this Black Rose has blossomed.

Sincere was born and raised in the church, in Venice Beach, CA.

At an early age she auditioned for a talent shows and made an appearance on Power 88.1 (Las Vegas) demonstrating her talents as a young inspiring signer.

It is a privilege to introduce to the R&B market/scene the outstanding talents of the new G. R&B artist Sincere.

This young beautiful artist is influenced by Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Jasmine Sullivan, Chris Brown and James Brown.

Her Gospel influences are from the sounds of John Pree, Clark Fisher, and Heyikian Walker.

Listening to artists of the 40’s- 60’s has given her the edge over singers because artists such as Lena Horne and Cab Calloway broke grounds and paved the way for other unique musicians to give a new sound to the industry like Sincere.

Her Gothic and Rocker side comes from the likes of Aerosmith, Pink and Led Zeppelin and among others in this area. A quiet contrast from her church roots, Sincere says “ Growing up with a family involved in music was an easy choice.”


Blink Show

Follow us on her journey to welcome the new artist “Sincere”

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