( Redwig Records 2012 )

Bnnie Raitt is back with a studio album “Slipstream”  released on her own label, Redwig Records onApril 2012.  “Slipstream” is infused with the blues. Raitt treats us to her mastery of the slide guitar on  “Used to Rule the World” to the Dylan cover “Million Miles” and another new song, “Split Decision”.  

Track after track reminds us of her guitar skills pulling out all her tricks, heavy licks and memorable riffs, even in the slower tempo tunes.  Lyrics range from falling in love, break up brawls and apologies for not compromising who she needs to be. The most heartfelt track is “Not Cause I wanted To”, details a relationship coming apart while she’s on the road. “Love Made in Hollywood” describes experiences of not knowing what is sincere and what isn’t in a place made of smoke and mirrors.  

She’s on tour this summer, some festivals and some elite venues like the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Your in for a rocken treat when you see her live.  A fantastic album that we waited in 7 years for.  With 9 grammys to her name Bonnie Raitt is like fine whiskey, it may age, but it will still kick your ass. 




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