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Hello, I start with this greeting with hopes to ensnare and capture your attention, but in truth, this may just be another experiment in personal gratification. I would like to introduce you to myself, a 46-year-old writer and father of five looking to find fame and misfortune on the inter-webs, and you will be my unwilling “lab rats” in this endeavor.

I have chosen to start a new blog, this one, to be exact, to espouse my attempts at literary greatness. I am presently an active “blogger” on several sites and web sites that deal with article writing, reviews and journalistic editorials, but I find that some of my best ideas don’t fall into place in the traditional sites I am working with.

I am looking to create a forum for literary expression, introspective styling’s and possibly some serious journalism. I will be using this site to write about… well anything and everything, as well as some philosophical pursuits.

As I said, I am 46, maybe a bit late to redefine myself as a writer, but none the less, I plan to write and write and write, and maybe even write something worth your attention. I will be posting additional items such as videos, pictures, interactive materials. blog posts and articles, interviews with other writers and artists, oh, did I mention I am an artist as well, well I am. With so many writers self publishing with some to no success, I am in mind to join the fray and submit to you links to get my first, and presently only book, links to all my sites and web realty, and the occasional shameless plug of my articles sponsors. I am going to monetize the site with some ads and links to where you, if interested, my art sites.

The time now is 12:40 am Pacific Standard Time, my wife is going to bed and I too am feeling a bit sleepy, so at this time I bid you a fond farewell, until the next time I seek to get some attention.

 Good Night, and Good Luck !


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