Paiste honors Joey Jordison’s passion for eccentric and unique cymbal designs with a special edition in its Alpha series which are both a visually and sonically close fit to Joey’s current Slipknot touring set.



These new cymbals should be available in local stores as of October/November 2012.

Big Sounds for a Big Series

New Formula 602 models re-launched in co-operation with Vinnie Colaiuta – 15” Medium Hats, 24” Medium Ride, 22” Thin Crash.

Raw Energy

Three new RUDE models developed in close collaboration with Joey Jordison – 16”/18”/20” RUDE Wild Chinas.

Dominating Bell in Black

Aquiles Priester’s Inspiration – The 18″ 2002 Giga Bell Ride «Psychoctopus».


Paiste.com Links:

Black Alpha «Hyper» Cymbals – http://www.paiste.com/e/news.php?actn=det&menuid=39&newsid=1245

Formula 602 Additions – http://www.paiste.com/e/news.php?actn=det&menuid=39&newsid=1246

Aquiles Priester’s Inspiration Ride – http://www.paiste.com/e/news.php?actn=det&menuid=39&newsid=1247

RUDE Wild Chinas – http://www.paiste.com/e/news.php?menuid=39&actn=det&newsid=1248


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