We are creating an amazing new app that will link our readers to news and information on music, events, concerts and more, but we need your help!

If you own or know of any resources in the following categories, we want to include them in our app, that will help users find concerts and shows, events, fun places to be, as well as artists to find resources to play in your areas and connect people in music with each other.

Please send your information to us at the following email: xombiewoofmail@aol.com with “Xombiephone App” in the subject line, we will add it to our app within 24 hours, at present, since we are in beta phase, all ad prompts will be entered at no cost, this app is 100% free to end users and will help build awareness of brand as well as increase visibility.

What we are looking for:

  • Radio Stations
  • Theatres, Venues, Nightclubs and Comedy Clubs
  • Bands
  • Promoters, Managers and Agents
  • Musical Instrument Companies
  • Clothing and Fashion Companies
  • Entertainment Listings
  • Charity Event Organizers
  • New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Based Entertainment Hot Spots
  • Restaurants

Send Info in this format, if possible:

  • Name of Business, company, Organization or other
  • Address, including City and State
  • Contact info and Website / email if possible
  • Short bio or intro with Picture or logo

If you have a product, service or album you want reviewed, send it to us at the following:

Reviews Department

C/O Xombiewoof Magazine

2156 Vista Elegante

Santa Maria, CA 93455


We want to make this app a strong point of our magazine’s dedication to music, so we need your involvement.


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