I am looking for help from my internet brethren, I am looking to do some somewhat noble projects, one is to start a Record Label and the other is to support charity for Music Education.

These are both projects based out of the Online Music Magazine I write for.

Xombiewoof Music and Entertainment Magazine.



Xombiewoof Records

Xombiewoof Records is a small independent Record Label to be started with the intent of seeking out and recording music by new and unsigned artists.

Music is a life affirming gift, it can bring you happiness and give hope when all seems low. Music allows us to express ourselves and find in others the words that capture our feelings. there are countless musicians and artists in the world that for one reason or another are not able to get their talents recorded and shared with the world. Even in this age of technology when music is easily downloaded and “shared” bands that are unsigned have limited ability and resources.

We want to be the game changers, the “fairy godfathers” of music, we have started the development of our Recording Studios and Mastering Facility, and we have contacted Record Pressing facilities in Los Angeles, New York and Indiana that will do our Vinyl Production and Packaging.

Yes, we said “Vinyl”, there was a time when making a record meant you made it to the top and you would create something that would be treasured by fans all over the world, The record gave way to the CD, and then to Digital Media, however the avid collector, hardcore fan and old school music lovers still seek out Vinyl, the sound quality is superb and there is nothing more fascinating than placing that big black disc on a turntable.

In recent years, Records have made a grand comeback, Record Companies have started Producing Vinyl again, Small Record Labels are popping up everywhere and Record Stores have become an Oasis of Musical Adventures once more.

Xombiewoof started as a small independent music and entertainment magazine 4 years ago and we have grown into an Online Publication that is now read on computers, tablets and cellphones all over the world, translated into 4 languages and we specialize in music reviews and connection artists with fans and potential fans. Xombiewoof is perfectly paced for taking the next step in music reporting, by creating an outlet for unsigned artists to bring their music to you!

Unlike a traditional Record Company, we are not going to Contractually sign the Artists to produce a specific amount of records, each artist will be approached by us and offered a “Pressing Agreement”, The agreement will obligate the band to come up with no less than 40% of the Recording and Production Cost, we will record and Produce a “Limited Edition”, collectable record pressing that will be numbered and assigned a letter of authenticity, distributed to record stores and through direct sales through our Big Cartel site – http://xombiewoofrecords.bigcartel.com, and the band will receive, after production costs are met, their initial 40% of cost and an additional 25% of the sales. Pressings will be limited to no more than 2000 copies of any album or single, there will be subscription services , like a “Record of the Month” Club and we will also post the music for streaming at our Soundcloud page – https://soundcloud.com/xombiewoof, where our artists’ music can be heard, along side nationally supported artists and other independent music publishers, bringing our subscribers and the public new music daily and always providing alternatives to the norm.

Once we have met our obligation to produce, publish and market the bands single or album, we will connect with marketing agencies, PR agencies and larger labels to “shop the album” with the band and get them connected with a Label that will possibly sign them to a larger contract, or the band can stay with us and make as many or as few albums they like.

Our major impact Goal is to help artists young and old achieve their dreams and create a collection of works from artists all over the united states, and possibly the world. we will be taking a large portion of the proceeds and using it to support the Heartbeat4Kids Program to continue Music Education in Schools as well as an after school program to keep kids in school and off the streets.

We have already connected with 5 Musical groups and have started production on the masters for 2 of the upcoming releases, lets make some magic together. Supporters of this project have a unique opportunity to be part of a great project and will be noted on each pressing as contributing producers. we will forward to you info on the bands you have supported and they will be your fans and your greatest admirers.

Standard Pressings and Editions will be on standard Black Vinyl, where Limited Editions, Subscription Picks and Specials will be on Single, Mulch-colored or Blended Color Vinyl, each one becoming not just a source of great music, but a truly “one of a kind” presentation of a bands hard work.

We will also produce Flexi-Disc and Other recorded media editions that will cater to collectors and people that want the fun gift for the record collector they know.

Come On, who has not ever wanted to be a Record Producer, now is your chance!

Are you an Artist or Musician, we are looking for people that want to be a part of this, share or web sites and our message!

  • We need a Virtual and real world street team, We supply the tools and some great perks!.
  • Using the Indiegogo share tools will hep us, again, spread the word!

We will be doing updates as this project continues and as we grow, we will involve you more and more, you will have a role in supporting the arts and finding the next major music stars!

Photographs, Videos and More will be added!

The Xombiewoof Records Project at Indiegogo is underway; help us find sponsors to get started on a New Music revolution to get new and unsigned bands in everyone’s music collections around the world! – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xombiewoof-records-label-developement-project/x/6868336

Also our Record Store page http://www.xombiewoofrecords.blogspot.com

If I can get you to share some of this info around, we are going to go live with the Heartbeat4Kids Online Auction and Premium portion of our Fundraising drive tomorrow, please share this page out to EVERYONE YOU CAN, Thank you so much for your support of Music Education.



Heartbeat4Kids – Story and Goals


Direct Link to Items that are available – http://www.xombiewoof.com/heartbeat4kids_premiums.html

The Beat of a Loving Heart is Louder Than Thunder.

Music touches us all on many levels, whether it is as a listener or a performer, music can make a person’s life richer and more rewarding. Music conveys emotion, free thought and speaks to the individual in a way that is truly magical. Everyone has the capacity and the ability to play music and it has been proven that children who are exposed to the process of playing a musical instrument have a greater sense of self and a stronger confidence in their self-value. This is why Xombiewoof Magazine and it’s partners in the Musical Community have started our Not for Profit Music Outreach Program – Heartbeat4Kids.

Why Music Matters

As a Universal Language, music can bridge gaps where the spoken language can fail, it seeks out the truth in life and is both exciting and calming. There was a time where music, as well as all of the humanities, literature, painting and theatrics were held in high esteem, however now, the arts in the world’s school systems have fallen to a place where the administrators, and some of the public, often languish.

The Problems Children Face

Due to our countries present economical state, schools around the nation are reducing, if not cutting their musical programs; this has caused many children, through no fault of their own to lose a great opportunity to learn music theory principles and access to music education. The ability to learn music and play an instrument can take a child who is suffering from self-esteem issues, or any numerous issues relating to their lives to new level of mental health. The ability to create and communicate through music is priceless.

We need to make Music Education in our children’s lives possible again. in addition to this, the children face issues of places to practice and learn outside of school, with both parents working, or worse yet, in single parent homes where the single parent is themselves struggling hard to “keep it together”, children wind out loosing out on opportunities to grow. Some cases involve children seeking a place to belong, often youths with a vast need for acceptance will experience depression turn to drugs, alcohol or worse – the children need our help, and yours!

Our Answer to the Problem

Xombiewoof.com has begun its outreach program “Heartbeat4Kids” we will be connecting with members of the musical community to create a foundation that will help sponsor music programs, educational services and fund educational programs to assist our children with music education.  

We are in process of creating the “Free-Space” Studios, a centrally located facility where kids can practice, learn and grow musically, as well as meet with peers in a safe social environment of learning. We will also have tutors in the primary scholastic studies to get them on track with non-music based education issues. We are actively searching out musicians and community partners to commit to assisting us in this venture.

We will look to open this program up in many locations around the United States and provide a Sumner “Rock Camp” program that will be free to the youths that seek us to help them in their lives. We can make this happen, but we need you to help us make it happen now!

If you want to help support either project or want more information, contact me here-



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