Good morning and a Happy Joe Sunday to You…

I have been very busy on my Social Experiment – HappyJoe.Org a site dedicated to my happiness, I am being very open and honest, this is a web based, online social experiment to use the internet to shamelessly raise money for me to do things that make me happy. Any money I raise will be used for charity and this is an online “get rich quick” scheme, and I will be taking advantage of the inane nature of the internet to bring happiness into the life of someone very important to me…. ME!

So let’s begin…

One of the things that makes me happy s helping others, I run a music magazine to promote music and help artists be heard, I raise money for charity and I volunteer time, such as my past work with The Boy Scouts of America and I have often helped friends, even some of my “Facebook Friends” whom I have never Met in real life.

In the nature of giving, todays experiment is “Send Joe a Dollar Day”, like a modern day soupy sales, I want everyone who reads this to send $1.00 to me via PayPal to my PayPal email, I assure you any money I raise will be going to a children’s music education charity and in return for $1.00, each person will be listed on our websites list of generous souls. If you decide to give more than $1.00, well that’s up to you, but I want to be able to show at the end of today how much can be done if everyone gives a little!

The official HappyJoe.Org site should be up by next week, but for now, posts will generating from the following pages:, and

Remember, you are making it possible for me to be happy, if I’m Happy, everyone can be happy!


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