In all ways uncommon to my life

I try to find you, but you are absent in the wake of my days

Simple, is my mind

I think of you often, in those hours of the sleepless nights

I must so often endure in a cold bed

I seek warmth in you

You that is not present to me in my time of need


Dark and cloudy horizons loom

Drifting clouds of doubt and frustration linger

When the rain comes I am to melt in sadness and fear

Beneath a sun that is black in spirit

Oh my life

Why have you forsaken me to this, a non person?

A shell

Empty and void



Oh joy

When will you come to me?

I want to sing with you

To shout from the mountain and proclaim my happiness in knowing you

But my voice is shallow and muted

The lyrics of you elude me

Pestilence would be something to see

Deep within



Oh joy

Come to me

Bring me the peace of ages

Bring me my quiet slumber

Nay, not death I speak of

But the gentle sleep of angelic dreaming

The time when I can be happy

And in delight of my days


I cry sometimes

Sometimes I cry out

Time flies… too fast

I am so slow

Weighted down and burdened

By my own self loathing

Pity me, myself and I

The 3 of us are undone

By our own



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