Poem by Joseph Timmons.


“Oh, what Irony life brings upon the faithful, the hopeful and the loving, to give so freely and get nothing in return, yet to be willing to give again, knowing it will be more of the same.”

“Ah, the simple plan of a lovers life, to give in, give out and give away”.

“The broken heart doth need time to mend enough, to be broken once more”.

“To thee, an on tomorrow, to hope and dream of days with lesser pain, and to give in to the drowning in ones own sorrow, with a smile and to turn again and again, cheeks bruised and burned.”

“Forgiveness never shines upon the soul, gilded angels shun the broken heart-ted that loves the hardhearted, at least Romeo succumbed to the kiss of death and lives not in the pit.”

“It makes one pray for numbness and the ability to awake in the rose colored world of apathy, where not a care and not to care, to be normal, blissfully ignorant.”

“I’m not hungry anymore….”


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