So, how are you today?

It has been a long time since my last post on what is supposed to be my personal blog and journal, let’s just say life has been pressing…

I have been working at the day gig, as well as doing my best to pursue my artwork and writing… well, not so much writing, dealing with life’s dramas put a bit of a kibosh on that. After a long year and plus of COVID BS, a death in the family and lots of drama drama.. I am now looking towards doing some new things.

I recently got a sid gig doing album cover designs for Nomad Eel Records, a fantastic Indie label that has given me much pleasure as a fan now send me regular work as a designer, assisting wit creating album covers. I am going to post the album artwork I have done in the art gallery section of this blog, as well as create a portfolio section.

Well, I have been away a bit too long, focusing on my writing at, the reviews and work I have been doing is coming along well, but I have been neglecting this outlet, so I hope to intrigue you all to see my artwork.

TAKE ME – The New Album From Livingmore
The New Cassius King Cover Artwork

These are 2 designs for music being released soon, I had to get permission to post since these are technically new releases.

Visit my Artwork page to see more.

If you know any artists or musicians looking for a designer, send them my way, they can reach me here through WordPress or on my Facebook page –

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