Album Covers I have worked on

Here are some of the covers and designs I have worked on fore Nomad Eel Records, Now, I did SOME of the artwork, Not all of it, the front covers listed below are just to show, the next frame below are back covers and full drafts that I have done, some was just text work and arrangement of art for printing, but of Teenage Gizzard, I designed back cover.

I am particularly proud of the design work I did for the album Teenage Gizzard by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, where I designed the back cover based on front cover work by Ahmad Oka, I also created the Center Label for the LP.

Hello from the great beyond…

So, how are you today?

It has been a long time since my last post on what is supposed to be my personal blog and journal, let’s just say life has been pressing…

I have been working at the day gig, as well as doing my best to pursue my artwork and writing… well, not so much writing, dealing with life’s dramas put a bit of a kibosh on that. After a long year and plus of COVID BS, a death in the family and lots of drama drama.. I am now looking towards doing some new things.

I recently got a sid gig doing album cover designs for Nomad Eel Records, a fantastic Indie label that has given me much pleasure as a fan now send me regular work as a designer, assisting wit creating album covers. I am going to post the album artwork I have done in the art gallery section of this blog, as well as create a portfolio section.

Well, I have been away a bit too long, focusing on my writing at, the reviews and work I have been doing is coming along well, but I have been neglecting this outlet, so I hope to intrigue you all to see my artwork.

TAKE ME – The New Album From Livingmore
The New Cassius King Cover Artwork

These are 2 designs for music being released soon, I had to get permission to post since these are technically new releases.

Visit my Artwork page to see more.

If you know any artists or musicians looking for a designer, send them my way, they can reach me here through WordPress or on my Facebook page –

Art Update


I have not been as fastidious as to my posting at this page, I have been really focused on putting my life back together and on my Music Reviews and writings at,  but I am looking to build, rebuild, flaunt, boast… whatever you wish to consider, my paintings and illustrations, so i’m going to be posting and creating new artworks here and I am in earnest to get some input. Yes, I know I am opening myself up to some good, bad or indifferent commentary, but that’s how it goes.

Please be gentile, my ego is quite fragile…






Some additional images of older work..

Sunday Service Sinners


Passing Lights