These Are Some of the Best Drone Photos in the World — TIME

Drones allow photographers to capture images and video from perspectives that would be nearly impossible — or prohibitively expensive — otherwise. Some of the best examples of this type of photography can be found in Dronestagram’s annual contest, which recognizes the most stunning images captured from the skies. This year’s competition included 5,900 submissions from…

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Watch Iconic Protester Ieshia Evans Get Arrested in Baton Rouge — TIME

A viral photo of a woman being arrested while protesting police brutality in Baton Rouge, La. on Saturday has become an iconic portrait of the national debate over racial disparities in policing. The woman, who has since been identified as Ieshia Evans, stands still, her arms crossed, while two officers in riot gear rush toward…

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Random Words


Calm emotionless air
Flows through my lungs
In and out
Repeatedly following the same pattern
Time and meter
No control or thought
Making it work

Blood pumps though my heart
Regular beats
In a rythem
So many per second
Again, by itself
No control

The life is controlled
By a brain and system
Working as one
By itself, asleep or awake
With no interference
From me

Yet, this mind
So complex
So perfect
Cannot control me
To make me
Do things right
That is only
By Random Actions and Thoughts

They dont play well together
In conflict with itself
Causing my conflict
With you

If only we
Were automatic

View of Tears, a Crocodile’s Story

Poem by Joseph Timmons.


“Oh, what Irony life brings upon the faithful, the hopeful and the loving, to give so freely and get nothing in return, yet to be willing to give again, knowing it will be more of the same.”

“Ah, the simple plan of a lovers life, to give in, give out and give away”.

“The broken heart doth need time to mend enough, to be broken once more”.

“To thee, an on tomorrow, to hope and dream of days with lesser pain, and to give in to the drowning in ones own sorrow, with a smile and to turn again and again, cheeks bruised and burned.”

“Forgiveness never shines upon the soul, gilded angels shun the broken heart-ted that loves the hardhearted, at least Romeo succumbed to the kiss of death and lives not in the pit.”

“It makes one pray for numbness and the ability to awake in the rose colored world of apathy, where not a care and not to care, to be normal, blissfully ignorant.”

“I’m not hungry anymore….”



Today is not like any other day. I find myself wondering about things in my life things I have done and that I have not done.

Again this may seem like an old man’s ramblings,  but today is not like any other day. What brings me to this point , that is one of the questions I see. In my life I have done some great things, yet the things but I feel my greatest accomplishments are considered everyday tasks.

I would say my greatest achievement is being a husband to a wonderful woman and being a father to five children. Yet, the same achievement could also be one of my greatest failures.

My wife and I are separated, growing distant everyday. My oldest son ignores my existence, my second oldest in prison, mentally unstable, my third son, my step son doesn’t want anything to do with me, my two beautiful daughters fear me.

How can things that started so well come to this, that I do have an answer…

Vanity, I believed I was perfect and I knew it all, I did not honor my wife and did not respect her opinion,  I imposed my will and tried to mold the kids into a television sitcom family, where the troubles of the world are solved in 22 minutes,  30 if you count the comercials.

It seems I worked myself into that painted corner where the pain will not dry. Trapped in the color of my delusional perfection.

I hope tomorro can be a brighter color than cloudy grey.