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There is always a time where as a writer and journalist, you may not get the big scoop, or be the first on the scene for a band that is breaking news and reaching new heights, but being among the many that have been lucky enough to get a moment to talk with a group of artists that have the potential to make a big splash in a music arena that already seems too small for them.

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the album Creatures by ACIDIC, I wrote the following “Creatures is a fantastic romp through the energy of youth, something that can be forgotten and is only experienced by the young in body, spirit and mind. These are four very talented and exuberant young men that have some serious potential to make some big noise on the stage.” Truth is, they have only just started to take over the festival and indie scene. Since that review, they have received even more acclaim and notoriety, as well as a media storm that is sweeping up the band in waves of new fans daily.

A recent interview with Rock at Night Correspondent Chyrisse Tabone in Tampa, an audio podcast and written article available at is an example of the positive and universal appreciation for a group that is only really just starting and is destine for fabulous heights in the future of music.

I had an opportunity to converse with ACIDIC bad member Michael Gossard, I learned quite a bit about the band, who they are and what is their motivations, loves and triumphs, hope you enjoy the moment!

Who, is ACIDIC, not just the names of the members, but their personalities, so often interview articles not establish the individual, I feel our readers want to know the artist for the real person, not a made up persona or stage presence. Who are you?

ACIDIC is a collection of four guys.

Michael Gossard – I am a lifelong musician; the lead singer of ACIDIC. I love music more than just about anything. I also love cooking and am learning to fly airplanes. Travel is definitely a passion.

Matt Whitaker – He is our drummer. He is outgoing and intelligent. He is a survivor of childhood Leukemia and doesn’t let anything stop him from getting where he wants to go. He is always the one to call for a chill day at the beach or a game of Call of Duty.

Josh Bennett – He is our guitar player and is the master of tasty solos and chicly rhythm. He is also a walking sketch book for his tattoo artist and is always coming up with new ideas for a piece. Josh is very dedicated to his comic books and is always the one to call for a good conversation.

Max Myrick – He is our bass player and is an avid surfer and partier. He can be found doing videography work or down on the beach enjoying the sun. He is definitely the one to call for a good time.

What were your influences that drove you to pursue music, and how would you say they influence your sound?

We have had many influences over the years, and all the classics definitely fit into the category of bands who have influenced us. Although lately I have noticed that we are more influenced by the bands we tour and play shows with than anything. We see the intensity and the drive to succeed that only us underground rock acts seem to possess and it really drives our sound. There is a tense energy in our music that comes from our desire to succeed that I have not heard anywhere else but in the underground rock scene.

In your own words, how would you describe your sound? In reviews, including our review of your latest album “Creatures”, almost every catch phrase could be used to describe your music and your sound, but I believe words fail to really grasp how high energy and powerful your music is, can you, as the artists tell us what we should be hearing?

In our music, there is a lot of tension and release. I believe that the listener should hear a lot of building up to a good chorus. We try to build a multidimensional platform filled with nuance. But at the heart of it, it is really just a simple expression of emotion. We try to not give ourselves too much credit, we just arrange chords the way we like to hear them and most things have been done before.

You have shared the stage with a lot of artists, would you say you have been well received? Have there been any shows where you performed beyond expectation? And who are some of the acts you have performed with that things just seemed to “Gel” with, who really rocked the stage with you that you would perform with again?

We have been very well received all over the United States and parts of Europe. We leave our hearts up there and try not to worry so much about what a few people might be thinking. We try to focus on expressing our music as efficiently as we can and let the audience interpret it as they will. Almost without exception, people have been very gracious. We have really gelled with most of the acts we have played with in the past. Some particularly good matches have been Hinder, and Royal Bliss. We have very much struck a chord with these bands and are very excited about possibly working with them in the future. The Hinder guys pranked us on the last show of one of our tours. The works! Baby powder on the drums that made this huge cloud in the air when Matt started playing, Ben Gay on the microphones, they even wrapped our bass player’s chest and arms with saran wrap while he was onstage playing! It was hilarious! We also played with Alien Ant Farm and they’re great guys, too. They did a lot of that same stuff, pranking us in the last show on the tour. Too funny! We loved it! In both those cases! Felt like we’d successfully pledged the best fraternity on campus! There was also the great Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney’s guitarist. We played a show with him where he had us join him onstage for several songs. I sang co-lead with him on a couple of them, which was pretty thrilling! He was generous and incredibly easy to work with. We actually can’t think of many people we have not enjoyed playing with.

The album “Creatures” is great, well thought out, produced and made with the intention of presenting you in the best way possible. Was there any material that did not make the cut, and if so, would we hear it at a show or on the next release?

First of all, thank you! Yes there was a lot of material that didn’t make it past the cutting room floor. We try to make decisions on songs based on what’s best for the album, not what’s best for any one particular person’s opinion. There have been occasions when we have added songs after production has been finished and that has always been a good decision. One was even a request by fans – who posted asking if that song they’d heard at live shows was going to be on the album. That one was “Rad (Standing In the Rain)” which is a high-intensity rocker that we launch our live shows with. Most of the songs we have written, we have played live. Although, if a particular piece of music hasn’t made it on a particular album that it was meant for, the probability of us continuing to play said piece is much lower. Having said that, there have been songs we have done on multiple albums and songs which were meant for one album, that have ended up on another. There is always room for good music.

You have been touring this new album and playing for some great venues, but recently you had to cut some shows due to an injury to a band member. Is everything going to be ok and will you start touring again soon?

Injuries occur regardless of the profession. I am not happy that we have had to cut shows, but I would rather have people healing at home near their usual doctor, than on the road in random urgent cares around the country. Our drummer Matt recently received some 2nd degree burns to his left hand. I made the executive decision to end the tour due to the advice of the doctor at the hospital I took him to. I would rather place my bet on the future value of good shows to come, than to permanently injure a band member to play a few shows now. Luckily, he has healed and is very excited to return to the stage and we will be back in action over Labor Day. And I do want to take a moment to thank the promoters who we had to call right away to notify them about Matt’s accident. They were amazingly understanding.

With your popularity growing at such a fantastic rate, where do you see yourself in 5 to 6 years, I ask this because so often, and not that I think or hope this happens, but often bands get to a point where they start to lose interest in the sound they have, experiment with new things or loose that spark that makes them great. What is your goal in music and where do you want to be?
I cannot tell you with competence where ACIDIC will be in 5 years, but what I can tell you is that we are all ardent music enthusiasts and we love playing live. These are the types of things that rarely change. Nothing is as satisfying as jumping in front of 1000 screaming people. I have to stick to thinking about today and leave tomorrow to more qualified forces. I can say also, that as long as we continue to love playing for people and dig the music we write, which we all currently do, very much, ACIDIC will continue indefinitely.

What is the best “From the Tour Bus” story do you have that you could share with our readers and what would be the worst where if one more things went wrong you would try to leave town under cover of darkness?

From the tour bus, there have definitely been some crazy things. Most of which I am sworn to secrecy on. We have seen all sorts of body parts, functions and dis-functions. We have also had the good fortune to have not encountered any major incidence where we have had to leave town under the cover of darkness…yet. I will let you know if that changes.

Only because I want a pat on the back, did you get to read our review, and did you think it captured what you were expressing in the album Creatures, or did I miss the mark? Be honest, I won’t cry or fail to love your work.

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to review our album, we have been astounded by all the love we have been getting, the reactions have been universally positive. I think you guys were spot on. I also think that regardless of what anyone writes, that person, for that moment in time, under those particular circumstances is, unto themselves, spot on. Basically I want to pat you on the back and give you my wink of appreciation.

And now, the most common of questions …. What’s next for ACIDIC, will you be going into the studio when this tour is complete, any great shows planned or surprises for your fans you want to share?

I am asked this question quite a bit and I am happy to write that the answer rarely changes. We are going to continue to play, to write, and to work towards the next level. We are currently en route to a large music festival in Madison, WI. So for the moment, the name of the game is play, play, play. In winter, I imagine we will pull back and begin the process of writing new material. I am very excited to say that the new material is already being written to some extent and it is fantastic.

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for this opportunity to share with you a little bit of lore and laughter about ACIDIC. We are just a bunch of crazy dudes who love to play music and I hope we get to speak again soon.

In this interview, we met the men and the minds behind the music, I would seriously advise you al to be part of the new music revolution, one where standing in lines to see bands with mediocre fluff and generic boy band character is swiftly becoming a thing of a hopefully soon forgotten blip in musical history, and the surge of real music comes back to enchant a new generation, led by ACIDIC, and others with their vision.
Learn more about ACIDIC at and Follow them on Facebook –

Thank you, Indie Label

An opinion article by Joseph Timmons, Xombiewoof Magazine


The Independent Music labels of America are breathing and thriving due to the need for real and honest love of Music.

I would like to start this article by saying that I do not think I am an expert on the music industry, in fat anyone that does think they know everything and have the “winning formula” most likely do not and should exit the room right now. Back when I was young, one of my fondest memories was going to the local record store on Fridays after I got my allowance, the record store was, for me, a place of wonder. I would take my few dollars and browse the 45s or if I was lucky that week, the LP sections and make that painful decision of what record I would bring home and what would have to wait till the following week.

There was a certain philosophy in my mind that the record I hose would be a step forward in my path to greatness, the bands I liked were for me a way to connect with those that thought like me, that said what I was thinking and more, a bond of music connecting me to something greater than myself. Listening to bands that inspired me to think and feel, lead me to becoming a drummer, the first time I heard Vanilla Fudge, Cream, King Crimson and others that spoke to me and me alone helped develop who I was and am. Frank Zappa and Tom Waits, The B52’s and Talking Heads… Legends in Wax.

Somewhere around the late 80’s and early 90’s the record industry failed us, the pursuit of glamorous money and the departure from substance to profit made the joy of music stale, the advance of technology made the music too easy to produce and the concept of digital music streaming, once thought of as a way to get music to the masses faster, became the place of illegal downloads and the loss of worth, so it seemed, music was becoming dull and tasteless.

For those of us that held music to a higher standard, it became a pain rather than a pleasure and the rule of the Boy Bands and Autotune was drowning out the call to worship, and the record Collector was without options.

Thank the gods of Vinyl that today we have the independent record producers today! 

Due to the advance of technology and the industrial nature of man and the music lover, the indie label scene is thriving and more record labels are opening shop on the internet daily. Labels like Hidden Volume, Philthy Phonographic Records, Fat Elvis Records, Say-10 Records and more are bringing to the light of day artists that we would never hear of if the present record industry giants would still reign supreme. Internet sites such as Bandcamp give us ways to hear, sample and purchase albums from all over the world and hear music that means something to us on whatever level our mind is at, simply splendid really.

The limited runs of the smaller labels does have its downfall if you don’t buy a title the day it comes out you may “miss” an opportunity to hold a rarity in your collection, but many of the small labels have banded together to do distribution between them, so the spirit of mutual support and fair competition is holding to a philosophy of mutual and supportive existence, the labels are producing Zines and keeping with the early Rolling Stone theory of the power of music is the path to intelligence, the sharing of wisdom and the key to nirvana is in the vibe and the tone arm of the turntable is the wand of power. I know, I hold a very glamorous view of music and I wax poetic of the Record, but in life you have to have something to believe in.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making records in not an inexpensive prospect, and for as many labels succeed, many fail, there is still a place for CD’s, Digital copies of music, Music Streaming services and even the Cassette tape is on the way back into our hearts, Radio manufacturers are coming out with the boom box, ghetto blaster styles again and even some bands are doing 8-Tracks as the rare one off (Whaaaaaaaaaa?), but Vinyl, that is my medium of choice.

In the coming months, I will be doing several articles, stories interviews, and for those that like the sound of my voice, podcasts about the Indie Record Label Scene, interviews with artists, producers and managers as well as with label operators, with luck, possibly some video interviews as well.

My suggestion to you, get to the thrift store or get online, find a turntable, hell, get to the local box store and pick up a Crosley record player for less than 100 bucks and then get on Bandcamp, search out the unique sounds out there, or get on Facebook and search “Record Labels” you will find an infinite number of resources, come back and check out our blog again, or, we will have a list of Indie Labels you can choose from to make your moments magical again, as for me, I’m dusting off the shelves for some more albums that just showed up via UPS yesterday, good thing my wife does not mind my love for records, but I do need to build an extension on my home, the record room is getting a bit crowded.


Angelic Voice Sings Songs from the Darkness

An exclusive Interview with Allie Jorgen of Le Reverie on her career, her music and what lies ahead for her band.

10177359_708787005829490_146905432904017063_nIn the world of music, there are many talented artists that bring us songs of the deepest sorrows to the highest feelings of joy and excitement. It has been my luck to meet and know many of these talented artists, but, in truth, none excite me more than the Ladies of Rock. In a world dominated by men since it started, the Heavy Metal world is full of long haired Adonis types that would make you believe that the Vikings have landed or the devil walks the brightly lit stages of Hollywood. But in recent years, women have been talking the stage, not just because of gimmicks or revealing outfits, but because of their true talents and their courage to perceiver.

One such artists is Allie Jorgen of Le Reverie, her angelic voice masters the emotion and the microphone with a sublime vocal range and the music of a band that emanates mastery of the art.

In the following interview, I had the pleasure of collecting her thoughts on her life, her career and the future of a group that has lived a dream that so many pursue, yet so few obtain, and the fact is that what she has done is apparently only the beginning. Allie Jorgen is not just a leading lady, but proof of a woman’s power to succeed both on and off the stage.

Q: When did it all start for you, the desire to sing and perform, and when did you know that you would create a sound that is uniquely your own?

10177366_10203930808091925_5167715271471375117_nAllie: I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mother was a singer and we always had music around the house. My mother and father also wrote music for TV Commercials and when I was around 5 years old they recorded me singing in the background for a candy commercial and that was how it all started. My mother used to sit at the piano and I would sing simple melodies to her and she would show me how to play them on the piano, from there I began writing my first songs.

Q: Would you say that the hard rock and metal scene has opened up to women in the music world, or is it still only a place where few women with great courage, like yourself, can only thrive?

Allie: The music industry has definitely embraced women in Hard Rock and Metal recently, as there are many great female vocalists and musicians on the scene right now. But it was a rough road in the beginning and the door was opened by a few strong and innovative Hard Rock and Metal Females, Ann Boleyn of Hellion, Lita Ford and Joan Jett of The Runaways, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart and Doro of Warlock, just to name a few. The world of music was controlled and dominated by men back then and these females were told that Hard Rock and Metal were not for women. But these female artists proved that they could rock the world stages and the crowds accepted them as they accepted all their male idols.


Q: Thinking of your band, how long until you came upon artists that sought the same in music and shared your vision of creativity?

Allie: It is always difficult to find other musicians and artists that share your same vision. We were extremely fortunate that we found a keyboard player (The Mysterious “O”) who was looking to start a “Gothic Rock” band at the same time we were looking to start one. His vision and songwriting style is a huge part of the Le Reverie sound. We were also extremely lucky to find such a unique guitar player that was able to write songs in our unusual writing method (the songs start on the drums) and create such great riffs and song structure that they inspired me to write the stories, melodies and vocal lines that created the songs on the “Dark Symphony” CD.

Q: As well as being a fabulous singer, you also write and cover the LA Music scene. How is it seeing the nighttime world from both sides of the stage?

Allie: Thank you. I have to admit that I had no idea how different the world would look from the business side of music. I am the Sr. Journalist and one of the Editors of the Online Magazine, LA Metal Media, as well as a Video Journalist and Artist Interviewer. It has been a really interesting journey. I understand the passion and frustration of the Artist, as well as the chaos and constant changing environment that the business side of the music industry is going through.

Q: Among your many triumphs, you have recently been instrumental in the creation of a movie soundtrack, what was it like to pen Le Reverie’s Song “The Dream” that would lead off the movie Lake Eerie?

2000LEAllie: Well, the interesting thing about our song, “The Dream” is that it was written well before we even knew about the movie, Lake Eerie. It was created in our unique writing style with Roc, laying out the entire song on a drum track and sending it over to our guitar player. Jeff was then inspired by the song structure and wrote the chords and changes, the ‘Mysterious O” helped with some of the structure and put down the keyboard parts.

When they had a structure they all agreed with they gave the copy to me to come up with a story, melody and vocals. I remember that I was just getting over a really aggressive flu and I still had a fever, so everything seemed really surreal. So the song took on that type of a theme. “Is this real or is this a dream?” Le Reverie was the original name of the song (it is French for “The Dream”). The lyrics of the song started off with “Ghostly Figures In The Night” you see all kinds of things when you have a fever.

lanceAlmost a year later, we were performing at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, and had our photographer shooting live photos of the show. After the show she mentioned a movie that was currently being filmed that was looking for music, it was a gothic horror film, and she thought our music would be perfect for the movie. She gave them our “Dark Symphony CD and when the Director heard the lyrics for “The Dream” he said, that we had written the words of the movie and he had to have the song. Maybe there was some kind of connection to him without either of us knowing about it.

Anyway the contracts were signed and the “The Dream” became the theme song for “Lake Eerie.” Le Reverie played at the Cast and Crew Wrap Party at the House of Blues on Sunset, with a huge Red Carpet event and all the stars in attendance. The star of the Lake Eerie Movie is Lance Henrikson who also starred in Aliens, Terminator and Pumpkin Head. Also in attendance was Henry Manfredini, the film music supervisor, who did all the music for Friday the 13th. It was really an honor to meet all the Cast and Crew of Lake Eerie and become part of “Team Lake Eerie” family.

Incredible thanks go out to the Director, Christopher Majors and Writer and Star of the movie, Meredith Majors for choosing our song and welcoming Le Reverie into their Lake Eerie family.

We are excited to announce the release of the film later this year, with our song “The Dream” over the back credits and they are planning a huge movie premiere in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to .

Q: Recently there have been many social media posts with you, your band and the legendary group Hellion, will your bands ever perform a double threat on the same stage?

AnnREdcarpetAllie: I met Ann Boleyn at a charity event called Rockers Against Trafficking, and I was actually there as a journalist to interview her regarding the event and her recent release “To Hellion and Back.” I was also there to find out about her new music release which would become the new CD “Karma’s a Bitch”. We talked about the event, which was a great event to raise awareness for all the young women who are kidnapped every year and sold. Ann also talked about the new band and the tour that would support the new CD. Ann is the original ‘Queen of Metal” and it was a privilege to talk to her and find out how it was to be a female in Hard Rock, back before it had ever been done. She is one of the true female leaders in the music industry and LA Metal Media is glad to be a big supporter of Hellion. We invited Ann Boleyn and her guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle to the Lake Eerie Wrap Party at the House of Blues and Le Reverie was asked to open their Halloween show last October at Paladinos, the show was called “Halloween with Hellion”, and it was great to be able to share the stage with such a great band!

Q: What would you say is your most precious moment in music so far, and what can we expect from Le Reverie in the future?

Allie: There have been so many great moments, but we are really excited to have our song “The Dream” as the theme song for the film Lake Eerie. We were also honored to be part of the Hellion Halloween Party last year, and we were fortunate to be able to play the Grove in Anaheim and open the show for Prong. We were also able to reach people worldwide with our music, and to receive emails from people saying that our music helped them on some level is really extra special.

There are some interesting things going on with Le Reverie at the moment. We were asked to create some Heavy Blues Rock songs, which are a little different from our CD “Dark Symphony”, but we all have heavy blues rock roots, so it has been an interesting project.

We will also continue to write our Gothic Rock songs, as they seem to be the perfect fit for the Horror Film Genre, and we were actually told one of our songs would be a fit for a James Bond Film.

Q: If you could tell our readers anything at the moment, what would it be, please let us know what you are thinking.

Allie: There are so many people that I would like to thank, all of our friends and people that follow the band, people that we have met and work with LA Metal Media Magazine. Xombiewoof Magazine for all that you do to keep the music scene alive with the great features and interviews on Artists, I have learned a lot about other Artists from your magazine.

Our publicist, Doug Deutsch, who has been with us through all the highs and lows, one of the most important things I have learned is not to fear change. I used to never want to deal with change, but it is inevitable, you cannot stop it or ignore it, so I had to learn how to embrace it. Everything is changing, the Music Industry on the business side and the face of music in general. Do what you love, what is in your heart, and don’t be afraid to be different. Send your message out to everyone, because you never know who might be listening.

I would entreat you to check out the music of Le Reverie at , I am thrilled to be a supporter of Allie Jorgen, her music and the future of all great music everywhere. Special thanks to the band and their management, Doug Deutsch and everyone that made this article possible.

Music / Album Review of the Sony Legacy Landmark "Live at Newport" Album Series


Performances from Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Ella Fitzgerald and Lionel Hampton, Exclusively Available for 1st Time Digitally on iTunes.

Article by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

If you know anything about Jazz, where it comes from and how it began, you would be well versed in the importance of The Newport Jazz Festival. Since its inception as the “First Annual American Jazz Festival” in 1954, the Newport Jazz Festival set the standard for large scale outdoor summer music gatherings. Subsequent music festivals from Newport Folk through Montreux, Monterey Pop, Woodstock, Coachella and beyond have Newport Jazz to thank for establishing the concept and reality of a music community coming together for a shared outdoor concert experience.

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival this summer with the first digital release of six classic “Live at Newport” albums, available exclusively on iTunes:

Jazz impresario and Newport Jazz Festival founder George Wein called Duke Ellington’s 1956 concert at Newport, “the greatest performance of Ellington’s career,” adding that the music “stood for everything that jazz had been and could be.” The digital edition of Ellington at Newport: The Original Album restores the record to its original sequence while adding four live performances that first appeared on Duke Ellington and The Buck Clayton All Stars at Newport (a companion album released in 1956).

Additionally, two of the exclusive new releases: Ellington At Newport: The Original Album and The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Newport 1958–have been newly remastered in 24-bit and Mastered for iTunes, this ensures that the music is delivered to listeners with increased audio fidelity that more closely replicates what the artists, recording engineers and producers intended. The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Newport 1958, originally released on Columbia Records, has also been remastered and is now available for the first time digitally. Remastered in 24 bit for iTunes, Brubeck’s concert performance is a tribute to the music of Duke Ellington.

Personally, I feel the true significance of this historic release is the masterful work of Duke Ellington is once again brought to a new generation that may not understand the value of what he, as a composer and performer did for a form of music that is now a foundation of so many art forms and has inspired bot only his contemporaries, but artists and generations to come. Let’s look at the list of albums; it is a timeline of critical importance to today’s Jazz music, and all music as a whole-

· Duke Ellington – Newport 1958

· Duke Ellington – Live At Newport 1958

· Ellington at Newport: The Original Album

· The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Newport 1958

· Lionel Hampton – Reunion at Newport 1967

· Ella Fitzgerald – Newport Jazz Festival: Live At Carnegie Hall July 5, 1973

Unquestionably, these albums presented by Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment is both inspiring and exotic, like the voice of Ella Fitzgerald herself, Often referred to as the “First Lady of Song” and the “Queen of Jazz,” she was noted to have a vocal range spanning three octaves and a glimmer in her eye that would captivate anyone in her gaze, her renditions in Jazz would be the talk of the town. The percussion craftsmanship of Lionel Hampton and his styled tempos, rhythms and measures set precedence in Jazz, and the work of Dave Brubeck and later, The Dave Brubeck Quartet would change the face of Jazz forever, a music once referred to as “A Devils Jig”, due to these giants of performance, would become a standard for composition, performance and give birth to new musical formations with each following generation of artists inspired by their work, and that of the master himself, Duke Ellington.

With these six classic “Live at Newport” albums, now available exclusively on iTunes at, you can personally own this treasured collection instantly, and quite affordably, no need to search them out, just one click away from a lifetimes work, that will last forever.

Be immortalized in the moment, this is what heaven sounds like, swing baby swing!