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Entire Collection of H.P. Lovecraft Online

Electronic Texts of H.P. Lovecraft’s Works The following is a categorized, alphabetical list of all the electronic texts of Lovecraft’s works available on The H. P. Lovecraft Archive. Fiction • Poetry • Essays • Letters Fiction The Alchemist At the Mountains of Madness Azathoth The Battle that Ended the Century The Beast in the Cave […]

New Chapters, New Pain

Ever get a new book, and in the moment of wanting to get into a story that would or could be a great new advent,  you skip over the prelude or preface,  which contain the back story or reason for the strory’s telling, often missing the whole point of things? Life is much like that, […]

Dive Bomber

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What’s the Secret to Attracting & Getting More People to Subscribe to Your Blog? (For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More!) — The Millionaire’s Digest

1. Free content This value exchange is one of the most popular list-building techniques on the Internet. All the entrepreneurial pros are using it for one reason: it works. When you provide valuable content in exchange for a subscriber’s name and email address, you’ll see the highest conversation rates of any tactic on the web. […]

Words — The Road to There

And by the way, everything in life is writable about, if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~ Sylvia Plath I’m all about the quotes this week. Because Lord knows I need the prompt. Creativity, self-doubt, enemy…yes yes yes and all […] […]

how to experience the magic hour every hour — Trask Avenue

Of all the hours in a day, the Magic Hour is the one to savor. It is the hour preceding dawn, before your part of the world fully stirs and gets on with business. Streets are empty, traffic light, neighboring houses dark and snug. The sky is a curious mixture of night and day. Just […] […]

These Are Some of the Best Drone Photos in the World — TIME

Drones allow photographers to capture images and video from perspectives that would be nearly impossible — or prohibitively expensive — otherwise. Some of the best examples of this type of photography can be found in Dronestagram’s annual contest, which recognizes the most stunning images captured from the skies. This year’s competition included 5,900 submissions from… via […]

Watch Iconic Protester Ieshia Evans Get Arrested in Baton Rouge — TIME

A viral photo of a woman being arrested while protesting police brutality in Baton Rouge, La. on Saturday has become an iconic portrait of the national debate over racial disparities in policing. The woman, who has since been identified as Ieshia Evans, stands still, her arms crossed, while two officers in riot gear rush toward… via […]

Random Words

Calm emotionless air Flows through my lungs In and out Repeatedly following the same pattern Time and meter No control or thought Making it work Blood pumps though my heart Regular beats In a rythem So many per second Again, by itself No control The life is controlled By a brain and system Regulated Working […]

View of Tears, a Crocodile’s Story

Poem by Joseph Timmons. “Oh, what Irony life brings upon the faithful, the hopeful and the loving, to give so freely and get nothing in return, yet to be willing to give again, knowing it will be more of the same.” “Ah, the simple plan of a lovers life, to give in, give out and […]


Today is not like any other day. I find myself wondering about things in my life things I have done and that I have not done. Again this may seem like an old man’s ramblings,  but today is not like any other day. What brings me to this point , that is one of the […]

For Pete’s Sake

A Short Life Story

The Story of A Life, of A Life’s Dream, or Just a Dream of a Life


Oh vast and luxurious My thoughts of you Pure are my intentions With nervous fingers Touching With eager lips Kissing My forever love Never have I known The supple and tender joy Like I know with you My heart burns and melts away As time counts down the moments Until morning When once more I […]

My Life

– A Love Poem for My Wife, Yekaterina- Just a bit of fun Before I go, I would like to entertain you With a song I know “As I lay with thee in mind” “I often leave this world behind” “And as I dream of finer things” “A simple touch from you, it seems” “Is […]

From Out Of The Darkness

I look out Peering to the daylight From within my own cave A modern day cave dweller I stomp my feet, pond my fists Nothing Not a sound Not even An echo So hungry But if I go out Out of my cave My safe place Will the light Burn me I have been burned […]

I Wonder

I wonder why Wonder of all Wonder when Wonder how Wonder of all things Wonder now Wonder of woman Not a wonder man Wonder of god Wonder of sorrow No wonder Wonderful Wonder less I wander away Wander-lust No wonder in my life Wonder if I am missed Wonder if I’ll be missed Wonder if […]

Oh, Joy

In all ways uncommon to my life I try to find you, but you are absent in the wake of my days Simple, is my mind I think of you often, in those hours of the sleepless nights I must so often endure in a cold bed I seek warmth in you You that is […]


Failure The feeling that you Have lost, all that you Have worked for Gone…………..   Have I told you, I am a failure I have lost all self respect Self esteem Self worth Everything   If I have done something to offend you Then I am truly sorry If I have done something to initiate […]


A Love Sonnet to my Wife   I look up Into your eyes As you lay there watching me I see a young woman with a fire and thirst A look of desire that holds me where I am Wanting more Giving all that you have To me   Take my hand and walk with […]